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vvvv es un entorno de programación grafica para desarrollo y prototipado rápido.
Está diseñado para facilitar el manejo de ambientes multimedia a gran escala con interfaces físicas , diseño grafico a tiempo real , audio y video con el que se puede interactuar simultáneamente con multitud de usuarios.

Los encargados de su desarrollo son vvvv group.

vvvv es gratuito para uso no comercial ,
el uso comercial exige una Licencia .

Para mayor detalle en las caracteristicas de vvvv lea la Propaganda o vea alguno de los Screenshots para mejor compresion de lo que se trata . La gente suele tener interes en saber que significa vvvv what the faq vvvv might mean.

Aqui se ven capturas enviadas por los usuarios de vvvv.

vvvv Noticias & Fechas

Beta36 Release Candidate
posted on 17.03.18
[Workshop] Choreographic Coding LabX
01/05/2018 - 10:00, Slovakia
posted on 14.03.18
Patcher Kucha in Milan 2018 03
16/03/2018 - 14:00, Italy
posted on 13.03.18
[Workshop] VVVV.js - Advanced Rendering for Web and Mobile
28/04/2018 - 12:00, Germany
posted on 02.03.18


posted on 06.12.17
Trained Particles Circus.
posted on 03.12.17
Harmonic Portal
posted on 22.11.17
posted on 10.11.17

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~2d ago

joreg: another release candidate is out for the weekend: beta36-release-candidate #vvvv please test and report!

~3d ago

microdee: I realized that I will just do those updates on separate branches, Still stay tuned...

~3d ago

microdee: I'm making mp.* packs CI and release friendly. Meanwhile vpm downloads might not work with them for a bit. Stay tuned...

~4d ago

~4d ago

karistouf: thank you joreg

~5d ago

joreg: good to hear!

~5d ago

Xini: the old problem was the renderer on a second screen freezing when fullsize, under certain conditions which i can't remember now...

~5d ago

Xini: @joreg now i got hold of a projector and i tested, should be fine! :D @joreg

~5d ago

joreg: i'm not exactly sure what "old problem" you're talking about. have you tested if it still exists?

~5d ago

Xini: tx @joreg . Do you think it's better for me to install a 32bit version of vvvv, or is there another workaround for that old problem?